What Are My Options for Natural Muscle Pain Relief?

Whether you pushed your limits at the gym or you overdid it in the garden, there is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with troublesome muscle pain. This deep, nagging pain can keep you on the sidelines for days on end, preventing you from training and helping out around the house. There are many remedies on the market today that are designed to ease muscular discomfort. Many of them rely on a cocktail of drugs to reduce inflammation and pain, and this has left many individuals wondering what their options are for natural muscle pain relief, so in today’s post, we’ll review a few of them.

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All-Natural Muscle Pain Relief

Certain Fruits

From in-depth research, we know that the food we consume provides our body with the fuel it needs for optimal performance. It is no surprise, then, that many people turn to dietary options for natural muscle pain relief. Several fruits combat the effects of overexertion, including cherries and blueberries. Cherry juice can help ward off inflammation and muscle pain for runners, and it has several antioxidants that help promote muscle relaxation. Blueberries also have powerful antioxidants that reduce muscle stress and inflammation.

Vitamin D

In a previous post, we reviewed several vitamins and minerals that are important for muscle health. When your body is deficient in these essential nutrients, you may experience muscle pain. Vitamin D is one such nutrient, as it is crucial for optimal calcium absorption and helps promote proper muscle movement. If you experience frequent muscle pain or spasms, it could be an indication that you need more vitamin D. Supplements are effective at boosting vitamin D levels, as are foods like fish, eggs, and milk.


As an essential mineral, magnesium is vital for healthy muscle and nerve function. It also helps our bodies produce energy and protein, and it plays a part in more than 300 biochemical reactions in our body. If your body has insufficient levels of magnesium, you may experience muscle pain and cramping, among other troublesome symptoms. It is not surprising that this powerful mineral is often an active ingredient in natural muscle pain relief gels. You can also take magnesium supplements, or eat magnesium-rich foods, such as nuts, brown rice, and bananas.


Finally, there is no better natural recovery method that good old-fashioned rest. In fact, giving your muscles a rest provides them the opportunity to go through their natural recovery process. When you exercise, you exert stress on your muscles, and this causes damage to the muscle fibers, and that means they need time to heal to become stronger than they were before. Additionally, resting allows you to rehydrate your body, restoring the natural fluids that your muscles need to recover. Failure to provide your muscles with this opportunity for restoration can lead to an increased likelihood of sports-related injuries.

Searching for Natural Muscle Pain Relief?

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