Effective Conditioning

We all know that athletics takes focus, dedication and being mentally tough.  Athletes practice hard and play harder. 


To be your best, your body AND mind must stay in the game.


Physical conditioning is essential for peak performance and injury prevention.
    Warm 'em up
         Strong center core
              Build endurance
                   Improve agility
                        Cool 'er back down
                             Breath, baby, breath - train your breath

      Make your workouts and recovery methods fit you, your sport and your goals


        Mental conditioning can be learned and applied to athletics as well as all other aspects of life. 

          Choose a good attitude
               Kick yourself in gear - self motivate
                    Set goals - streeeeetch your limits 
                              Focus, focus, focus.  Practice concentrating on one move, one play, or one shot
                                   Relaaaaaax - relaxed muscles for highest performance 

            Successful athletes habits:  

            Positive attitude, self-motivation, set good goals, manage emotions