About Us

Our company was founded by two sisters who live busy lifestyles with their families.  Inspired by trying to help muscle fatigue and soreness from the fourth basketball game of the day, we set out to create unique products.  We have made our products from the finest ingredients we could find that would produce the best possible results.  MuscleShok products were initially created for our families and we didn't cut corners.  Now we want to offer the same quality products to you.  

At MuscleShok®, we believe in a better you.  No one should have to live with daily aches and pains.  Because we have sensitive skin of our own, our products don't burn your skin like many other products do.  We also wanted to provide products that don't make you smell like medicine all day, so you can do whatever you have planned for the day without your aches and pains.  We developed our topical products to have no scent and our BathShot has a mild citrus essential oil added to help enhance your soaking experience.

We trust our products and the results so much that our families regularly use MuscleShok products to help us maintain our active lifestyles, which includes everything from young adults in intense sport training programs to weekend warriors and avid gardeners who overdo it sometimes.  At MuscleShok, we take pride in offering quality products to all walks of life.  May we extend an invitation to join the MuscleShok family.  We'd love to hear from you.  Please share your experience with us by telling us "Your Story".


If you have questions or comments please contact us.