BathShot Sport Therapy Bath Salts for Sore Muscles - 2 pack - 1.9 lbs


Brand: MuscleShok

Product Description

Combine fast muscle ache relief and relaxation with specially formulated bath salts!

  • It contains an optimal amount of Epsom salt and MSM that may promote muscle recovery and soothe tired, sore muscles.
  • We use premium, high-grade Epsom salt and MSM infused with amazing Citrus Essential Oil, which may provide a rejuvenating part to your muscle recovery. Energize and invigorate your overworked, tired muscles.
  • Not your mama's Epsom salt bath...Epsom salts combined with the right amount of MSM optimizes the relief of your BathShot.
  • The amazing aroma of our premium quality citrus essential oil blend will have you revived in no time.
  • Re-energize and invigorate after a hard day of working your muscles, wash away the sweat, blood, and tears, and maximize your recovery program with a power soak in a BathShot.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: MuscleShok is confident you will be satisfied with our products, and we stand behind them. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the product for a refund.
Do you need muscle ache relief after an intense training session at the gym? Why not take a power soak with specially formulated bath salts to melt away tension and pain? BathShot™ Sport Therapy Bath Salts from MuscleShok™ contain magnesium sulfate, a nutrient that your body needs to stay healthy. This essential nutrient aids in regulating muscle health and nerve function, making protein, and many other important functions. Deficiency can result in muscle spasms and cramps, weakness, and headaches. When used the same day as an intense workout, these bath salts can help you experience muscle ache relief while providing your body the boost it needs for maximum recovery. Ready to experience the MuscleShok difference? Order your BathShot today!



  • For the most intensely sore muscles, use entire contents of the BathShot with a warm bath for 20 minutes for a maximum boost to muscle recovery.  Use a portion of the contents if muscle soreness isn't as severe.


  • Two 15-ounce (425-gram) BathShot™, 1.9 lbs total
  • Ingredients: Proprietary Blend, Magnesium Methane (Epsom Salt), Methylsulfonyl Sulfate (MSM), Citrus Blend Essential Oil

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Worked great, used in the evening and woke the next morning feeling awesome.